Our Beliefs

We believe:

  • Salvation - God sent His Son Jesus to the earth to make a way for mankind to be restored to a right relationship with the Father.  Jesus came and lived a sinless life, He went to the Cross to bear our sins.  Jesus descended into hell and on the third day he defeated death, hell, and the grave and was resurrected from the dead.  Jesus ascended into heaven and became the perfect sacrifice for all man's sin.  
  • God the Father - God is the creator of all things and He is our loving Father.  His love is manifested toward us through the grace of sending Jesus, His only Son, to redeem mankind.  
  • God the Son Jesus - Jesus is the Son of God who layed aside His position in heaven in order to come to earth and offer all men redemption. 
  • God The Holy Spirit - The third person of the God head, the Holy Spirit is the presence and creative force of God.  When Jesus died for our sins The Holy Spirit came to live in all men who receive Salvation.  The Holy Spirit is our teacher and guide, teaching us all truth and guiding is in the path God has designed our lives to go.  
  • The Church - The church is the body of Christ, the ambassadors of God's love to the earth today. The church has been given the power and authority of the name of Jesus. The church is called to share Jesus with a lost and broken world and to restore lost men to a right relationship with their Father in heaven.  
  April 2020  
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